Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Pie in a Jar

I'm a day later than I had planned with this post but wanted to share with you all the fun that was "Pie in a Jar!" The photo above is of me with a finished pie - yes, getting the lid on was a real challenge! It took one of us to keep pressure on the lid while the other tried screwing on the other part of the lid. :)
This is the finished product on the left (they gave us one to try out at the beginning of class) and the dough balls we used to fill the little half pint jars. The dough is made a little differently than regular dough so that it can stand to be manipulated into the jar without getting tough.
Making the crust took the most time since we really had to push at the dough to get it to come up the sides of the jar and push out any air bubbles at the bottom.
Here is the finished product (eaten - yummy!) and my crumb topped pies. There is a strawberry pie awaiting a lattice crust.

When I baked these three last night, the crust stayed a tad too soft for me and I think it may have been because I overfilled my jars with filling and it was too wet. Or, maybe they needed to stay in the oven a little bit longer?

The class was a lot of fun. Fun to hang out for a couple of hours with my friends, fun for meeting new people, and fun to learn something new that I know I'll try again at home.

Happy Tuesday, friends! I hope your week is off to a great start!


  1. What a cute idea! LOVE pie! Yummy! :)


  2. Clever and looks oh so tasty!

  3. Now this looks like a fun activity. Yummy! and so cute and clever. :)

  4. Fun! And those straberries look sooo delicious!! Also actually sounds a bit too difficult, maybe? hi hi! But how fun is it to make, give and/or eat a pie in a jar, hi hi!!
    Hugs, Wendy


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