Friday, June 5, 2009

Fully Customized

This graduation card was the first commission I've had to date as a card maker - a friend wanted me to make a graduation card for her cousin. Since I don't have a graduation stamp set, I panicked a bit but knew my sister was coming for a visit and had one I could borrow! Check!

The only instructions I had was that it was for a guy so don't make it girly. I think that was a commentary on most of what I do - I'm kinda all about the bows and glittery paper lately. Well, I tried a few things on guy-blue paper and metallic brads. Nice but not good enough. The next day I thought of what I should have thought of when I agreed to make the card - what are his school colors? Well, when I heard green, yellow, and black, the card you see popped immediately to mind. Long story short, she loved it and I hope the recipient loves it too. I'm sure I'll hear something on Monday.

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