Wednesday, August 26, 2009


So, I've been wondering what happens since I submitted card ideas to Cards this month for the January issue - do they email everyone? Just those who are "in"? No idea since this was my first time.

Lo and behold, I found the following on the Cards Magazine blog the other day:

Guess what, guys — I have one itsy bitsy big huge favor and I hope you don’t mind. Our January submissions were due tonight, but my computer had a weird glitch and lost all the email submissions that were sent from today back to August 4th. We have submissions that were sent on the 3rd and before. (And now my email is working just fine, whew!)

So if you submitted during that time (since last Tuesday), pretty please resend them to us at cards at northridgemedia dot net! We are extending the deadline until tomorrow night, August 11, at midnight, so that gives you some time to forward on all the beautiful submissions you have already sent.

I wish I could spell that sound Bear Grylls makes when he falls - cooohghgh. Meh, close enough. If you couldn't tell from the sound, it is that my submissions were members of the cast of Lost and I didn't realize it until it was very much too late. Cooohghgh.


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