Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Back in the Game!

Or games? Dunno but I think my crafty mojo is coming back! I've been away from the "studio" (or office or dining room...) for a while and got to spend last night and some of this evening reacquainting myself with my stamps and paper and ink! Ahh, feels good!

So, this week I wanted to make a point to play along with the Cinema Saturday Creative Challenge - it has just been too long! This week's movie is "Elizabeth: the Golden Age" and wow, did I love Cate Blanchett in that! Well, I love her in everything. I have to say that, as far as films go, I liked the first one better, but I thought Cate was amazing in this one and who doesn't love Clive Owen? I'm just sayin'...

Anyway, the requirement was to use a crown and I just got these great crown stamps from Etsy so figured it was the perfect time to get them inky. I loved the designer paper, too, reminded me of brocade fabric, and the glitter...well, they didn't call it the "golden age" for nothing, right? ;)

Stamps - Terbearco (Etsy Shop)
Paper and ink - PTI
Glitter - my stash
Nestabilites - Labels 8


  1. LOVE this Jen!!! I love Cate too and I agree that I think the first one was better - but I loved the second one too - mostly because of her :) and the dresses and costumes and acting etc. and CLIVE :) Your card is royally beautiful!!! SO LOVELY!!!! Thanks for playing with us!!! Your creations are always so beautiful!
    Big Hugs!
    Sankari :)


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