Thursday, February 9, 2012

Heroes and Hearts

Hello friends! I've been awol from the blog for a bit lately due to a couple of things - 1.) I've been really busy with stuff after work lately and haven't had a chance to make very much and 2.) what I have found time to make outside of my regular DT posts has been for publication calls and have to keep them secret in case they are accepted! No doubt, I will have a few rejects to share in the near future! :) So, today instead of sharing some crafty goodness with you, I'm going to share some pics of another one of the things I love to do - volunteer! I work for a "big bank" that is very committed to serving our communities and I try to take part in several events a year with them in addition to other events I do with Chi Omega, USC, or on my own. Today was the annual Heroes and Hearts Luncheon benefitting SF General Hospital at AT&T Park! I have been volunteering for the hospital since Glen's motorcycle accident in 2009 and this year it moved from Union Square to the park - a definite perk for me, a lifelong Giants fan!
Before the luncheon, we had some time to wander around the field and it was a thrill to stand on the mound where "Big Time Timmy Jim" pitches and make a call to the bullpen from the Giants dugout (though I'm sure Bochy isn't ever this happy when he has to call the 'pen!)
This is the heart that my company sponsored and I got to meet the artist! She is so talented and her inspiration was catching for sure!
This is the tent filled with attendees - over 1,000 today! I teared up hearing all of the stories about how the trauma center handles patients and how many lives are saved there every day. It was an honor to participate today and I can't wait until next year!

Thanks for stopping by today and I hope to get something crafty for you tomorrow!


  1. Hi Jen!
    Lovely photos to see! Oh, that blue sky is lovely to see as well, hi hi, and you without a winter coat and scarf and gloves, hi hi. Would love to come over! ;-D Knowing a bit of your love for the sport, I can imagine this has been amazing for you!! And so good that you are volunteering in the hospital and other places!! You're so sweet! I'm happy to have you as a friend!!
    Hugs, Wendy

  2. Looks like you had a fabulous day! Gorgeous weather - lucky you (it's snowing here right now)! The heart your company sponsored is beautiful. Thanks for sharing.


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