Tuesday, September 14, 2010

A Style Question

I peruse a lot of design blogs for inspiration - both for cardmaking and for the home we're hoping to buy someday soon. When my hubby asks "are we in the market for X?" whenever I send him a link to a listing I like or a car that I like, I have to say "no" but a girl can dream, right?

I digress....inspiration from decor8 runs the gamut from photos to art to papers to you-name-it. Today I saw a photo from dottie angel with a piece of art that I adore (!!) and was wondering if any of you crafty-savvies know what type of art it is so that I can start looking for some. I'm guessing some type of folk but I'm sure there is a genre, right? Help?

I promise I'll be back with another card tonight. I've got a bazillion cards to show you that I made for all of the publication calls recently. Now I have to make time to share them!! Happy Tuesday!

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