Saturday, February 20, 2010


I am fascinated by the phenomenon that occurs when I "clean." That phenomenon is that I usually make a mess ten times bigger than the one I started with and need eons to even return to that original messy state. Thus is what happened to me when I started to "organize" my craft supplies.

Long story short, I found WAY more supplies than I ever knew I had (I am officially not allowed to buy any more designer paper. Okay, I mean REALLY but only after the American Crafts "Dear Lizzie" collection I just bought...) and need to start thinning them out in a big way. It is kinda cool to shop in my own home - saves gas and I don't have to put makeup on!

Okay, I digress again... I've issued myself a throwdown since finding all of these supplies and it is simple... USE THEM! So, whenever I get out a piece of cardstock and cut it in half to make a card, I use both sides and make two. I also try to use up as much of the paper as possible to eliminate the creep of my ever-growing scrap drawer. It has been fun and these two cards are the result of my first try!

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